Sunday, May 6, 2012

 More of Martha's Shetland travels...

In April, Martha sent me this photo with the following commentary:

"I taught a class that Elizabeth organized for me in Shetland about 3 years ago!  Here is Hazel Tindall, the fastest knitter in the world spinning on an old spinney that came to her from her Auntie Ellen.  Auntie Ellen got the wheel when she was about 14, after leaving school (around 1900) and she perhaps spun on it up until the war years.  I thnk that in the end this fast knitter thinks she will just keep on knitting and maybe will not spin!  Look at her lovely all over!"

For those of you who have not heard of Hazel, here is a video that is from STV Scotland that is about her:


I love listening to the sound of the clicking of her needles in the background of this video...but I can't even imagine knitting that fast!

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