Thursday, May 31, 2012

More lamb photos from Shetland...

Here are several more wonderful photos of Shetland lambs taken by Elizabeth Johnston on Mainland, Shetland in the last few weeks.

Elizabeth wrote, "The white ewe and lamb spotted the open garden gate and got in for a nibble before being chase out."
  If you look carefully, the moorit ewe to the right is horned.
These lambs have some really nice markings.
A moorit ewe with two black lambs.
 I always love seeing these photos, in part because of what these Shetland sheep from Shetland look like, but also for the scenery.  I suspect that the edge of this pasture is fenced due to a rather sharp drop off down to the sea.

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  1. Lovely photos! I'd say that the lamb with the white legs and tail tip is what I refer to as an HST. It has white on it's head (yuglet in this case), four white legs (sokket), and the white tail. Because this lamb fully displays the HST cluster of markings, I would use all capital letters when noting it as HST. The other lamb does not have stocking on all four feet so I would use HsT (IF it has white on it's tail). The lower case letters signify that the marking is not fully expressed. If the tail has no white I would just describe it as yuglet.