Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lamb Photos From Shetland

Elizabeth Johnston finally had the chance to send me some photos of the new colored lambs that she's seeing in the pastures around her area on Mainland, Shetland.  Between the wind, rain and heavy mist, it's not been good weather to take photos in - for her or the photos.

This ewe was seen while Elizabeth and some students made a local farm visit in search of some fleece.

Elizabeth noted, "The ewe in these was not well after she had her lambs so they have been giving the lambs some bottles for extra feeding, so 2 of my visitors got to feed them. There is one ewe and one ram lamb and they are both all black except for one which has a grey nose. Last year she had 3 lambs and was fine."

And finally, my favorite photo with the lovely old stone wall in the background... 

Elizabeth commented -"In the dull photo with the one twin standing on the mothers back - the lambs were playing, climbing on the ewes back and jumping off again. A few times they were both standing on her back but they move so fast I could not get the photo taken in time. So one on at a time was the best I got."

More lamb photos coming soon...


  1. Lamb photos are always such a joy, even in the wind and rain. Thanks!

  2. I'm thrilled that Elizabeth was able to share these photos with us!