Monday, April 23, 2012

More photos from Martha's trip to Fair Isle with Elizabeth - Summer 2011
 (All of the comments under these photos are from Martha.)

"Anne Sinclair proudly displays some of the 45 tall, colorful hats knitted in preparation for a visit of one of the tall ships that was part of the Tall Ships race and festival.  Local friends got together, some of whom had to be taught to knit and made these hats in honor of the old tradition of bartering knitwear to the many ships that passed the island exchanging the "hosiery" for spirits and tobacco.  I think they received a few tea sets this time!  Anne said it was great fun to do and they just hoped for good weather so that a ship would stop."

"Still in Fair Isle, sorting wool at the croft of Kathy.  Kathy has 50 sheep and shears them herself.  She was having a serious talk with herself about how much wool she had and with the help of these volunteers they were sorting it and getting it ready to be sent to a mill.  Kathryn, who is in the pink shirt came right up to me and said, 'Aren't you Martha Owen?'  David (Martha's husband) couldn't believe how hard we had worked to get so far away and someone knew my name!  Kathryn lives in Kentucky and has been to our shop (Yarn Circle) when taking a class at the Folkschool!"

"Our view from where we ate our picnic.  The boats are pulled up into boat shaped grooves."

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